Sunday 21st May 2017

Brownie and Rainbow sports day

We had a lovely time at Brownie and Rainbow sports day. We took part in relays races like the cardigan race, space hopper race, running, walking backwards and hopping as well as other activities like welly wanging, bean bag throw and jumping jacks.

9th May 2017

First aid badge

first aid badge

We learnt about what first aid is and shared some of our experiences of first aid.

We talked about how we might feel and how the injured person might feel and about the importance of checking for danger and staying calm.

Then we learned about sprains and what RICE stands for and practised putting each other in slings and tying bandages.

4th April 2017

Entertainer badge performances

entertainer badge

We all did our performances to earn our Entertainer badge.

There was singing, dancing, comedy, poetry and puppet shows.

We also said goodbye to some of our older Brownies who are moving up to Guides next term.