10th January 2017

First week back – getting to know you

We had some getting to know you games.

First we¬† played ‘people bingo’. All brownies had a bingo card with 9 squares and each square had something written like ‘has brown hair’, ‘has a pet guinea pig’, ‘has been on holiday outside Europe’ and we had to find brownies or leaders who matched. When we had a full card with 9 different names we could get a marshmallow prize from Brown Owl.

Then we made paper plate face self-portraits. We made them into puppets using lolly sticks and then we all sat around with our paper plate faces held up and told everyone 3 things about ourselves/our puppet.

We also had a chance to finish up activities for our seasons badges so Curly Owl could give them out to us at the end.


29th November 2016

US Thanksgiving day

Brown Owl told us the story of the First Thanksgiving.

We drew around our hands and made them into Thanksgiving turkeys with our fingers being the feathers of the turkey. In each feather we wrote something we are thankful for.

Then we re-enacted the story of the first thanksgiving and ate some popcorn since corn was one of the foods they ate.

22nd November 2016

Seasons badge

This week was Constellations,but since it’s so often cloudy we did indoor constellation spotting!.

We found out what star constellations are.

Then we played a constellation spotting relay. At one end we had a picture of different constellations with their names then we ran to the other end of thall and were shown one constellation without a name. We had to look at it carefully and then run back and try and identify it using the picture.

Then we each had a star map and a picture of the night sky and had to try and spot any constellations we could on it. It was much trickier than we thought it would be.

sky-at-night(from Liverpool John Moores University)



We also made star finder fortune tellers.

Finally we had pictures of the stars in constellation formation and could draw our own pictures to give them our own names.